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New Data on Quantification of 379 Proteins Directly From a Single Mass Spectrometry Run on Blood Extracted From Dry Plasma Spot Cards Advances Future Of Healthcare
May 30, 2017

Applied Proteomics, Inc. announced that it will be presenting new data utilizing its Linus technology—the world’s most advanced and robust pro Learn More

Applied Proteomics Inc.™ Enters into Agreement with Multiplan, Inc. to Provide Reimbursement for its Simplipro Colon™ Test
May 02, 2017

Applied Proteomics Inc. (API) announced it has signed an agreement with MultiPlan, Inc., the industry’s most comprehensive provider of... Learn More

Applied Proteomics, Inc. Announces Data Demonstrating Its Linus™ Platform To Quantify And Identify Proteins From A Single Sample To Be Presented At ABRF 2017
March 25, 2017

Applied Proteomics Inc. (API) announced that its data illustrating the rapid and unambiguous identification of proteins from a single... Learn More

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Applied Proteomics Releasing Second-Gen Colon Cancer Test; Exploring Dried Blood Spots
April 12, 2017

Diagnostics company Applied Proteomics plans to release a second-generation version of its SimpliPro Colon proteomic colon cancer test within... Learn More

Applied Proteomics Encouraged by Early Sales of CRC Test
March 17, 2016

Since quietly releasing its SimpliPro Colon proteomic colon cancer test at the end of 2015, Applied Proteomics has seen... (Subscription required) Learn More

Applied Proteomics Inc. named in 2013 Fierce 15 Medical Device and Diagnostics Companies List by FierceMedicalDevices.
October 15, 2013

According to Fierce Biotech, their 15 fiercest medical device and diagnostics companies of 2013 rival their first annual roundup from 2012 in... Learn More

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