We Presented at the 69th AACC Annual Scientific Meeting and Clinical Lab Expo.
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We believe that to lead the next era of healthcare, we need to see health differently. And that's what we do.

One disease. One test. One treatment. There's a better way.

For generations, healthcare has operated in a similar fashion. Something hurts, we examine the area that hurts, we treat the area. But, that's not how our body works—it's a system. We need to measure many data points from across the system to know what's happening. We need to treat the system, not the symptom.

Health is a spectrum

We are born, we age, we pass. Over that span, our bodies experience billions of changes. What if we could track and analyze those changes every day? We could see conditions for disease developing at the earliest stages and do something about it, instead of waiting until we’re already sick.

The power of proteins

Proteins are the first molecules to react to changes in the body. Because they are influenced by both genetic and environmental factors, proteins are a valuable source of actual health status, not just risk or disposition.

Innovating the answer

Measuring and analyzing proteins has challenged researchers for decades. We built  Linus™, the first platform to reproducibly measure an unprecedented amount of proteins simultaneously. Hardware, software, protocols—every detail of the system was scrutinized, engineered and optimized. The result is Linus—the most efficient system for protein biomarker discovery and test delivery to date.

A new era

API innovations are designed to transform the way we interact with healthcare. Our focus is to make proactive, preventive healthcare a reality. We seek to stop advanced disease before it starts, to alleviate the tremendous burden on our healthcare systems and, most importantly, save lives.

"If we’re not breaking things, we're not trying hard enough. To truly understand how something works, you have to push it to its breaking point."

Bruce E. Wilcox, PhD, Senior Vice President, Research & Development